Ballet Hispanico ... at the movies

Fathom Events' latest presentation - Ballet Hispanico at Lincoln Center - thrilled at the Regal Cinema this evening. 

CARMEN.maquia. is choreographer Gustavo Ramírez Sansano’s reinterpretation of the dramatic opera Carmen. The Chicago Sun-Times rightfully deemed it a "masterpiece." Leads Kimberly Van Woesik (Carmen) and Christopher Bloom (Don José) were one hundred percent compelling, standing out among a pleasant corps de ballet. The real delight began with Carmen's seduction of Don José in a prison cell and the highlights continued with Carmen's duets with her suitors. Each encompassed a range of highly felt emotion - they were tender, playful, exciting, with genuine passion. The culminating moment in Carmen's final duet with Don José was riveting.

The entire ballet is like a masterfully acted play with the added benefit of innovative movement set to Bizet's score, gorgeously played by the live orchestra. Van Woesik and Bloom's post-performance interview revealed their thoughts on the depths they explored to achieve the impact they sought to make in their dancing. Dancers are sometimes assumed to be a little spacey or even dumb. These two are proof of the thoughtfulness and emotional insight required to deliver a great dance performance. 


In Cuban choreographer Pedro Ruiz's year 2000 ode to old Cuba, Club Havana's suite of Latin Jazz numbers went from smoldering, to sizzling ... to ON FIRE. It was hot, hot, hot and fun, fun, fun. I definitely went home and put on my Sergio Mendez. I look forward to what renewed U.S. - Cuban relations bring in terms of cultural and artistic progress. I will count on Ballet Hispanico to show us. 






Don't miss the chance to see great dance at your local movie theatre!

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