Biscuits, Buddies and Ballet at Chick Fil-A

On October 7, Augusta Ballet participated in the Mullins Crossing Chick Fil-A “Biscuits & Buddies” program.

Marin Rose reads aloud to the group.

Marin Rose reads aloud to the group.

Artistic Chair Marin Rose met with young attendees in the play area to view Misty Copeland’s recent performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and to read aloud Copeland’s children’s book, “Firebird.”

The children paid rapt attention, demonstrated their new knowledge and took home an activity sheet featuring a dot-to-dot ballerina. Chick Fil-A served free breakfast biscuits to participants and their parents.

Join us next time for this FREE program!

Wed, Dec 9 @ 10am @ Mullins Crossing Chick Fil-A on Washington Rd.

No RSVP required.