Ballet: too far, too expensive

Ballet has the dubious reputation of being an art form for the elite. Historically, this has sometimes been true, although it was sometimes actually considered a lowly form of entertainment not patronized by "respectable" people. Regardless, there's a perception even today that ballet isn't for everyone. And that's simply not the case. 

It's true that high-quality performance occurs most frequently in major metropolitan areas and that travel costs and steep ticket prices can make for a somewhat limited audience. But now more than ever, ballet is available to everyone. 

New York City Ballet's beautiful video series brings one of the top ballet companies directly to your computer. With nothing more than an Internet connection, you can watch: 

  • DANCERS ON DANCE, featuring NYCB dancers talking about their roles in famous ballets. 
  • SCREEN TEST, highlighting individual NYCB dancers, their careers and lives. 
  • FLASH FOOTAGE, sharing excerpts from recent performances. 


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Marin Rose, Artistic Chair, Board of Trustees