Ballet 422: High art, with popcorn!

To this balletomane's delight, ballet is gradually making itself more and more available to the masses. No longer limited strictly to the stages of New York and Paris, ballet is making appearances on Broadway and in movie theatres, allowing all of us access to its diverse beauty. 

Whether you're a dance lover or a complete newcomer to the dance world, you're sure to enjoy "Ballet 422," a documentary film now showing in mainstream movie theaters nationwide. New York City Ballet (NYCB) company member and choreographer Justin Peck (his sister Tiler Peck is a principal ballerina in the company) created "Paz de la Jolla," NYCB's 422nd original work. This quiet documentary follows every aspect of the creation of the ballet, from Peck's studious planning to dancers in rehearsal, costume making, lighting design and orchestral coordination. It's a rare insight into the vast creativity and collaboration that goes into making a work of art. 

Dancers, don't miss this film. But bring along family and friends - even ballet "skeptics" to see it. Ballet 422 is sure to inspire appreciation for the many talents in the dance world. 


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Marin Rose, artistic chair, board of trustees