Executive Director Job Description


Job Summary

The Executive Director is the chief operating officer and the chief financial officer of Augusta Ballet. The Executive Director is knowledgeable of all aspects of Augusta Ballet and adheres to its mission and purpose as stated in the organization’s Bylaws. All employees of Augusta Ballet report to the Executive Director according to the organizational structure. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Trustees and serves as a non-voting member of the Board.


Essential Functions
The Executive Director will provide administrative leadership to all aspects of Augusta Ballet by
•    Developing for all employees of Augusta Ballet job descriptions that clearly state responsibilities, performance goals, and evaluation criteria;
•    Facilitating communication among all employees;
•    Conducting regularly scheduled staff meetings;
•    Providing operational reports as required by the Board of Trustees;
•    Administering a performance evaluation system for all employees of Augusta Ballet;
•    Meeting regularly with the leadership of Augusta Ballet committees.

The Executive Director will manage all financial operations of Augusta Ballet by
•    Developing an annual budget in cooperation with the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees;
•    Operating the organization within the annual budget as approved by the Board of Trustees;
•    Providing direction for maintenance of financial records of Augusta Ballet with the guidance of the organization’s accountant and the                Treasurer of the Board of Trustees;
•    Monitoring the cash flow of the organization;
•    Developing and preparing, in cooperation with the organization’s accountant, all financial reports requested by the Board of Trustees.
•    Approving and signing all contracts approved by the Board of Trustees on behalf of the organization.

The Executive Director will set and achieve development and fundraising goals by
•    Acquiring donations and sponsorships on behalf of Augusta Ballet
•    Working with staff and Trustees to set goals for obtaining income and in-kind donations from foundations, sponsors, individual patrons, and businesses;
•    Defining and clarifying the development responsibilities of staff members, Trustee committees or individual Trustees;
•    Overseeing the development of prospective grant sources, the preparation of grant applications, and the reporting requirements of grantors;
•    Overseeing the development of sponsor benefit packages, recruitment, and follow-up;
•    Overseeing the development and implementation of a program to increase income from individual donors;
•    Identifying sources for appropriate in-kind donations and obtaining those donations;
•    Working with staff, Trustees, and other volunteers to organize and implement appropriate fundraising events in the community.

The Executive Director will set and achieve marketing goals by
•    Working with staff to develop goals for all categories of ticket sales;
•    Developing, with staff and/or contracted persons, the strategies for achieving sales goals;
•    Approving all marketing publications, advertisements, public service announcements, press releases and electronic communications; 
•    Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

The Executive Director will gain appropriate community visibility and positive public image for Augusta Ballet by
•    Effectively representing and creating awareness of Augusta Ballet and its history to community and civic organizations;
•    Organizing, training and supporting a team of staff persons, Trustees and volunteers to represent Augusta Ballet;
•    Overseeing outreach and educational programs for schools and other community organizations;
•    Understanding and supporting the activities of Augusta Ballet committees;
•    Attending public performances presented by Augusta Ballet.