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Miranda Brooksher grew up in Mesa, Arizona. She started working with nonprofits while still in high school, founding Friends of Ballet Etudes to enhance scholarship opportunities for talented kids. Miranda received a full scholarship to attend Interlochen Arts Academy’s Visual Arts program, but was unable to attend. She graduated Dobson High School in 1992.

Miranda completed two enlistments in the United States Army, 1993-1996 and 2008-2014, serving as an analyst. She spent time during her service both in the States and abroad, earning three Army Commendation Awards. She has also worked in accounting and administrative capacities in several industries. During this time Miranda continued to support a variety of nonprofit entities, including Mesa American Little League and Brooksher Ballet.

After completing her last enlistment, Miranda retired to Augusta, Georgia, with her husband, Kris, and their cat. She volunteered her time to enhance children's opportunities. Miranda believes that her job with Augusta Ballet continues that work.